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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.

Meet Our Principal, Marcelo Huizar

Headshot of Principal Marcelo Huizar

Principal's Message

Welcome to Pacheco Elementary School where we pride ourselves in developing the bilingual and biliterate skills in all of our students. Pacheco’s dual-language (DLI) program has built a reputation for maintaining a rigorous curriculum taught in a 90/10 bilingual model.  Learning takes place every day, and in two languages here at Pacheco and it is something that can be seen as you step into our classrooms. Our school’s 485 students and our 45 dedicated staff members are proud to call Pacheco “home” because everyone truly feels a sense of belonging.

At Pacheco Elementary our students also have opportunities to grow and develop their social-emotional skills.  Students attending our school have many benefits that result from this unique educational experience. In addition to building the proficiency of our students in two languages, our teaching staff is committed to building their multicultural awareness. We offer students a broad range of activities and programs that further cultivate their interest in learning and respect for one another. Teachers here strive to develop a sense of belonging and inclusion among all students that walk through their doors. 

Another important goal for us is in creating solid partnerships with our parents. It is no real secret that a factor that makes a real impact on students' success is when the school and the home work in unison. Parents in our DLI program have made a true commitment not only for their own children, but themselves. We offer many opportunities for parents to become involved in our school community.  We’ve made it a priority to keep the communication lines open with the home through on-going communications from our front office and from our classrooms.

If you’re not familiar with Pacheco Elem. or if you have further questions, we invite you to stop and visit our campus.  You may also contact us to schedule an appointment with me by calling our front office. I can assure you that one trip to our amazing school is sufficient for anyone to see why Pacheco is indeed a special place to learn and grow. Go Pacheco Panteras!